Mocanita - steam train

Mocanita from Viseu de Sus is the most famous narrow gauge train using a steam engine in Romania and the only one in Europe still performing forestry (logging) jobs on a daily basis. Mocanita provides the only way to access Vaser Valley, a mountainous area, with century old forests, amazingly beautiful and untamed due to a complete lack of transport infrastructure and human settlements.

The narrow gauge railroad was build starting in 1932 and its main purpose was to improve and raise the efficiency of logging in the Viseu de Sus forests. The railroad streches 46 km (29 miles) towards Faina - Izvorul Boului, and 24 km (15 miles) towards Poiana Novat - Izvorul Cailor.

Currently, Mocanita take visitors 21 km (13 miles) into Vaser Valley, up to the stop called Paltin. The train runs daily during the summer season and provides open and closed wagons for tourists. During the winter holidays season, Mocanita makes special trips and they even organise the New Years Eve party up on Vaser Valley.

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