Sighet Village Museum

Founded in 1981, Sighet Village Museum is the largest and most complex display of the traditional Maramures village  and the rural artisanal techniques from this region. The basic concept of the museum is the arrangement of the homesteads around the church, as in Maramures villages, all the streets and paths leading towards it. The church (errected in 1621 in Oncesti) is situated on a hill thus overviewing the entire community and showing once more the importance of religion in Maramures.

The museum holds over 30 homesteads (the oldest ones dating since 16th century) together with their appurtenances and traditional equipments: stable, barn, well, oil press or carriage. Some of the houses have the original furniture and accesories: the stove, the pottery, kitchen tools, weaving loom or toddler swing.

Visitors can admire and understand different building techniques depending on the Maramures region where the houses were errected and also based on the century they were built in. Houses from Borsa, Ruscova, Mara-Cosau, Campulung la Tisa, Sapanta or Iza Valley areas are displayed, among them tourists being able to withness hungarian, jewish and ukrainian households.

The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday, from 10.00 to 18.00 (April to September) and from 8.00 to 16.00 (October to March). The museum is located on Dealu Dobaies St, Nr. 1, Sighetu Marmatiei. For tickets and other information please call: +40-262-314229.