Tourist attractions in Cavnic

Description of Cavnic

-documentary attested in 1336

-"The Tatars' Pillar" - marks the moment when the locals defeted the Tatars. The monument has a Latin inscription: Anno 1717 usque hic fuerunt tartaris (In the year 1717 this is how far the Tatars reached)

-the tradition of the "brondosi" – in the three Christmas days the kids and the teenagers are dressed-up with sheep fur masks and cow bells and wander around the town scaring bad spirits

-Kings' Garden – century old larch protected area

-St. Mary roman-catholic church, built in 1827

-St. Borbala roman-catholic church, 1800-1803

-„Logolda” - the ruins of a former gold foundry from XVIII century

-century-old sycamore maple - having over 200 years, the tree is protected by the Romanian Academy. Unfortunately much of the tree has been cut down (with the mayor's approval) and is only a part of the body that still stands

-2 ski areas, Icoana and Roata, totalizing more than 7 km (4.3 miles) of slopes

Museums and memorial houses of Cavnic

Muzeul Born şi Papp

Address: Str. Eliberarii
Phone: +40 262 295 086, +40 262 295 115

The museum holds a collection of documents, photographs, minerals and scientific papers that belonged to Ignar Edler von Born (1742-1791) and Papp Simon (1886-1970), natives from Cavnic and world renowned personalities of geology. For his contribution in mineralogy and metallurgy, Ignar Edler von Born's name was used for a mineral - bornite.


Accommodation in Cavnic

Pensiunea Casa Zan

Address: Str. Ciresului, Nr. 10 A
Phone: +40 740 069 801, +40 262 295 434

Pensiunea Ana

Address: Str. Diamantului, Nr. 8
Phone: +40 740 696 898, +40 262 295 064

Cabana Marie & Friends

Address: Str. Icoanei, Nr. 1
Phone: +40 744 894 399, +40 724 316 016, +40 262 295 577

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